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yazi Wood Stock Windchime 14 Aluminium Tube Gold Indoor Outdoor Decorative

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he 14 tubes of varying lengths lay in pairs with gilded rods. The chimes are hung from a smooth piece of natural colored wood, the chime rods are gold color.The weather resistant wood striker in the small and medium size chimes are varnished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grains, giving tribute to nature's harmony.This windchime consists of 14 rustproof anodized metallic tubes,The length of the tubes vary from 11cm/4.3in to 16cm/6.3inch, Overall length of the chime from the top of the hanging loop to the bottom of the tubes is approx. 56cm/22inch
The sound is gentle,peaceful,simple and pleasing.The musical wooden wind chimes are the perfect accent for any gardens or even to hang just outside the kitchen or bedroom windows.Synthetic cords ensure that each hanging tube stays connected, even when the wind is blowing the chime to a frenzied crescendo.The cords of wind chime will twist together during the transit, you might need to separate these cords by yourself.